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The Costa Brava with drone     

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aigua xelida desde un dron

Aigua Xelida     

Fornells desde un dron

Fornells - Cap Rubi     

Salguer desde un dron


playa del Golfet desde un dron


Cap Roig desde un dron

Banyador de la Russa     

Calella de Palafrugell desde un dron

Canadell - Tres Pins     

Tamariu desde un dron

Tamariu - Aigua Xelida     

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Another perspective of Calella, Llafranc, Tamriu, La Fosca coves....

From Cap Roig to Calella

video amb dron de Cap Roig a Calella

From la Fosca to Cap Roig

video amb dron de Cap Roig a Calella

Llafranc, Tamariu ...

video amb dron de Llafranc Tamariu i Aigua Gelida

Aiguablava, Fornells ...

video amb dron de Aiguablava, Fornells, Satuna i Sariera

Sea storm 1-10-2.015

video of the storm east of October 1

Finques Frigola are proud to be the second estate agency in Spain in possession of the official certificate from the “AESA” (Aerial Security Agency) as a drone operator. This allows us to legally undertake photographic and filming jobs. We starting looking into drones in 2012 and over the years have been testing several models.

This advanced certificate as a “Drone Pilot” both, in the theory and practice use, permits the use of the radio controlled aerial devices up to a maximum of 25 kg. The pilot also holds a current “LAPL” medical certificate. Finques Frigola also has a civil responsibility insurance policy specific for drones, complying with Spanish law 18/2014, 15 October. (Be aware that it is illegal to take aerial photography without the above certificate).

It is very important to note that when contracting a drone service that they comply with the law a failure to do so could result in severe sanctions from 4,500-70,000 euros. (Articles 44.1 and 55.2 7 July 21/2003 in the aerial security of Spanish law)

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